01. Child of Love

02. Love is Blind

03. Walking on Clouds

04. Kiss Me

05. Rainy Days...without you

06. Wonders

07. Under His Wings

08. But I am also a boy

09. Looking Back


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Venue: Backstage @ 1/F, 52-54 Wellington St, Central, HK

Date: Nov 9, 2012

Time: 7:30pm

JennyJenny "Just For Tonight" concert series in Hong Kong


Love is Blind - ON SALE from 15 Feb 2006

Author: JENNYJENNY | Illustrator: Dj R

Size: 14 x 12 (cm) | Publisher: eyez.music | Complemented with "Love is Blind" CD album

List Price: US $14.99

Why to buy?

Kubrick, HMV, Page One and many major book stores in Hong Kong as well as Macau.

Online: CD BABY ( http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jennyjenny )


"Love Is Blind" is a genuine audio / visual journey to your heart. Together with my current album of the same name (as enclosed), this book serves as an extension of my music to explore your emotions on a different level. The positive reinforcement I've received for this instrumental album that I wrote as a soundtrack to a movie script (also written by me) has inspired me to experiment with a different kind of communication with my audience and/or readers this time. So I decided to take a little adventure into the realm of words and pictures (thanks to my brother, the talented illustrator!) to enhance the sensations, the visual, the feelings and of course, the connections we can have on a different dimension.

Just like the album, this book is all local and original talent. Love Is Blind is a reflection and a sharing of my world, full of interesting and exciting stories about all sorts of people I encounter each day as a single, bicultural and tri-lingual professional female in cosmopolitan Hong Kong. It is a fusion of music, poems, pictures and stories, blended with a little bit of spiritual and personal touches..

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