01. Child of Love

02. Love is Blind

03. Walking on Clouds

04. Kiss Me

05. Rainy Days...without you

06. Wonders

07. Under His Wings

08. But I am also a boy

09. Looking Back


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Venue: Backstage @ 1/F, 52-54 Wellington St, Central, HK

Date: Nov 9, 2012

Time: 7:30pm

JennyJenny "Just For Tonight" concert series in Hong Kong



“Air Imagination” MV Contest 2015

Free Cultural Exchange Trip to Poland

Sponsorship Program

● Fuel the passions of our next generation– with peace and love, and most of all, action.

● Help someone who dare to dream follow their heart, unleash their creativity.

Thank you for making it a better world.

Your sponsorship would help support this MV Contest and the Cultural Exchange Trip to Poland, as well as all the costs involved in the production, promotion and distribution of Jenny’s album “Air Imagination”, especially launched for this first community project of eyez.music.

Sponsorship till Oct 31 2015.

Payment Method

1.Bank Transfer :


Local Payment : 004-053-507968-001

Overseas Payment : Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH


Local Payment : 016-478-475091971

Overseas Payment : Swift Code : DHBKHKHHXXX

China Construction Bank :

Local Payment : 009-632-003346104-01

Overseas Payment : CCBQHKAXXXX

2.Cheques :

Please write cheques payable to “EYEZ.MUSIC”

Concert Tickets and Presents

Please email your payment receipt and your name for acknowledgement to mail@jennyjenny.com

Your concert tickets and presents can be redeemed at the concert with your payment receipt. If you are living outside HK, please specify your post address and you will receive your presents by post.

Special thanks to :

Our official patronage : Poland Consulate

Gold Sponsors:

Ms Clarice Yen, Mr Mike Grundy, Mr Raj sabnani, Mr Raju muki, Mr Raj Chandiramani, Mr Manu Laihori

Platinum Sponsors:

Mr Stanley Wong, VICAR Investments, All SUN Group

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